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This is talk radio with a purpose! Christian Questions is designed to stir up your thinking along with ours about meaningful topics based on the Scriptures. We are caller friendly and look forward to hearing from you!

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Bible Student Discourses


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Consequences of the Gospel Age Harvest

ISRAEL: 2008 and beyond

The Most Important Doctrine

The Very Elect

Strong Delusions

Sand and Stars

What Is The Future of Judas?


Every weight & the Sin...

John 1:1 The Three Parts

The Three R's of The Kingdom

Where is the promise of His Presence?

All Men To Be Saved

An American Ecclesia at Phillipi

The Greatness of God

Proofs of The Lord's Return


Agawam Bible Students Convention 2009

Who is He? - Br. Rick Suraci

Parousia - Br. Homer Montague

The Essence of Christian Faith - Br. Tim Gilbert

The Essence of Christian Faith (Part 3)

4 1/2 Parables - Br. Rick Suraci

2012 Bible Students General Convention

Lessons from the Cloud and Ashes - Br. Homer Montague

Baptismal Discourse - Br.Doug Rawson

How does God deal with the prayers of the unconsecrated?

2012 Baptismal Discourse

Feeding the Multitudes - Rick Suraci (2013) General Convention



Faith cometh by hearing... Romans 10:17


" So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."